• 2010-10-21

    SHERLOCK - [文.字]


    "I said he's with me"[SH]


    "you miss it .welcome back."[b]

    "I'm not his date!"[DR.W]

    "sorry sir,whose status ?" "sherlobk holmes and Dr.watson"

    “what are you doing...?" "ssh..john,concentrate ,i need you to concentrate.close your eyes." "what?why?why?what are you doing?"    [SH - Dr.w moe!]

    "i need to get some air.we're going out tonight."     "Actually,I've got a date."         "what?""where two people who like each other go out and have fun"    "That's what o was suggesting."  

    "I hope you'll be very happy together." " sorry ,what?" [SH - DR.W]

    "I've disappointed you."

    "oh,you're angry with me ,so you won't help. Not much cop ,this caring lark."

    "isn't he sweet?I can see why you like having him around."

    "That ,er ...thing that you ...that you did,that,um...you offered to do...that was,um...good."[what?!。。。love's confessions!?]

    "I'm glad no-one saw that." "Mm?" "You ripping my clothes off in a sarkened swimming pool.People might talk." "They do litte else"

    -You can't be allowed to continue.

    so,I was dead.




  • I am a dead man,so love me quickly!Hum~!=333=